Mission Statement

The mission of the Glendale Outdoor Leadership School (GOLS) is to foster a learning environment dedicated to creating opportunities to enhance personal growth, healthy living, and environmental stewardship within individuals, communities, and society as a whole. The GOLS staff are committed to providing excellent experiential programming through outdoor education, recreation, and leadership training. Intrinsic to this, we support the mission of our parent organization, the Palmetto Conservation Foundation.

GOLS provides education and skills training to help people stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

Located in Glendale, SC, near the Pacolet River, GOLS provides hands-on, experiential training for “kids” of all ages in individual sports, including mountain biking, indoor rock climbing, and kayak paddling. Courses also include wilderness medicine for first responders, wilderness first aid, outdoor leadership and team building. Class sessions range from short seminars to multi-day retreats. Children enjoy adventure camps and expeditions. GOLS offers the only SOLO Wilderness Medicine certification courses in South Carolina. GOLS is supported, in part, by a grant from the Mary Black Foundation.


Glendale Outdoor Leadership School

270 Wheeling Circle, PO Box 325, Glendale, SC 29346

Phone 803.771.0870, Email mroe@palmettoconservation.org 

Made Possible with Funding
from the Mary Black Foundation

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